Importance of Taking a Boater or Sailing Safety Course

Before driving a car for the first time, individuals undergo training and gain a license to ensure that they have mastered the skill and are ready to hit the road. So it is with sailing a boat.

According to statistics, seven hundred and sixty-seven American citizens died due to sailing accidents, and three thousand, three hundred and ninety-one people obtained injuries in 2020. A majority of these accidents can be attributed to a lack of personal sailing safety education.

Just like driving, individuals are required to properly learn how to boat before sailing out on an adventure, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. In line with this preventive measure, the Canadian government enforced a federal law requesting that all Canadians carry a boating license when operating water-powered crafts, to ensure the safety of citizens and tourists.

What a Sailing Safety Course Should Offer

These courses provide you with in-depth knowledge of sailing. It teaches you boat etiquette, comprehending weather signs, how to control a boat, and the laws of the water channels.More advanced courses provide you with information on navigation systems and the technical know-how needed to maintain a boat. The basic courses offer simple operational instruction, as well as functionality and safety tips.After registration, these courses can be completed in three easy steps: study the course, pass the exams, and finally get your license card. Most insurance organizations reduce prices for clients who can provide proof of accreditation from a sailing safety course.

Advantages of Taking a Sailing Safety Course

One major advantage of enrolling in a sailing safety course is its improvement of your technical and safety skills as a boater. It helps in guaranteeing a smooth ride for everyone on board. When considering buying a boat, or being employed as a boat keeper, then a welfare course and certification is the best first step to take.

Another advantage of taking the course is its ability to enable you to save the lives of countless people. From the statistics in the second paragraph of this article, you can see the number of lives which may have been saved had a sailing safety course been taken. These courses help in making precise decisions, and preparedness in the face of danger.


Although insurance will protect you from the effect of accidents, it is better to know first-hand the regulations and safety tips which will to a large extent prevent hazardous situations. Refusal to enroll in these courses will only endanger your life.

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