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How to watch Instagram live without following


There were only 700 million users on Instagram in 2017, and now there are more than one billion users on this network, making it one of the most popular and widely used social sites in the world. Just like Whatsapp, People love to use Instagram for private dm and chats, believing it to be the most secure network. And it’s true as well. 

With the passage of time, Instagram is adding an extensive amount of useful features to add value for users on the network. Just like Facebook, this network is all about users’ experience and their interests. You can also watch Instagram live videos there with ease on your browser, mobile phone, or any device where you have activated your Instagram account. It’s fun to interact with other people through this network and have a chance to watch their videos, listen to their opinions, and share your suggestions through live comments. 

How to Watch Instagram live without following? 

Many people ask this question as to how to watch Instagram live without following anyone on their account. Here are two possibilities:

Private account: 

Just in case an account is private, and you wish to watch their Instagram live video or conversation, just know that it’s not possible at all. The private accounts are secured with privacy features. Unless you follow that particular account, you cannot get access to their images, videos, and live videos. 

Public Account:

If an account is public, you can watch Instagram live without following it at any point. However, your privacy is not very hidden, and there are several reasons for that. 

  • When you join an Instagram live video, everyone can see that you have entered in there to watch it. 
  • You can do live interaction with the video uploader, other commenters and write anything. You can ask questions or share your opinion as well.
  • When you are watching an Instagram live your present is not hidden since you are on a public video. 

How to watch Instagram Live easily?

A lot of gaming, fashion, and brand influencers share their videos on their accounts. They upload interactive content with great captions to make your mind as to why to purchase. Moreover, they also go live from time to time to show you their survey, a trip to the brand, or an unboxing of items. I have stumbled across a thousand influencers who share their reviews about branded products on their Instagram live video, and it’s simply amazing to have to listen to what they have to say.

You don’t have to follow an influencer in particular in order to watch their Instagram live. However, if you are not their followers, you don’t get a notification when they go live. So you may have to find out about it in another way by checking their profile often.

If you are fond of Instagram live, you can browse your account’s live video section to find the latest videos that have gathered massive views and likes. You can watch those videos as well without following the accounts at any point. 

The good thing about following an influencer or account is that you don’t have to check manually if they have uploaded a new video, posted a great picture in the story, or decided to go live on Instagram. In fact, whenever they post anything, you will get a notification. 

Just in case you wish to watch Instagram live without following someone or an account, the only way is to go to their account and check for yourself if they are on a live video. You will see a circle around their photo, click on it and tap the play option to start watching their Instagram live without following. However, if the user has done some settings with respect to keeping their live videos private, you will never be able to get in and watch what they have to share in it. 

Most public accounts allow you to watch their videos. For instance, celebrities, game players, politicians, and influencers enjoy the company of more and more Instagram watchers. They go live for the same reason- to have the attention of as many as possible to share their opinion and spread their words across the internet. You will never have difficulty in watching their Instagram live videos, and you need not follow them as well because they allow everyone to watch their videos.