How can B2B salespeople reach the business decision-makers?


Decision-Makers are the people in an executive position with the power to give the final green signal for any B2B purchase.

Before we go further into the matter, I would like to ask you this critical question; do you know who you are looking for? If you don’t have a clear answer to this question, I’m not surprised because you are not alone. Many salespeople invest so much time searching for decision-makers without knowing who their exact target people are.

The best solution to define who your decision-makers are is by developing personas. Personas are imaginary characters that you invent based on your analysis to illustrate the different user types that are more likely to use your service or product similarly. This step helps you conduct your process laser-focused and efficient.

While developing personas, it’s vital to create as many personas as possible since, in B2B sales, you’ll rarely have one buyer persona.

As you know, that job title varies across companies; for a start-up with low employees, you can talk to the Founder; however, higher-level managers might be your decision-makers for a well-established corporation. Now, you understand why you should develop multiple personas.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the favorite tools of B2B salespeople for its ability to recommend decision-makers with the information you fetch in.

It’s not that B2B salespeople can find each and every decision-maker on the LinkedIn platform itself.

As you might see, not every member updates their email address or phone numbers and responds to InMail. In situations like these, you’ll need to locate the contact details somewhere else so as to reach the decision-makers.

That’s where comes into the picture. is one of the best email finder tools that makes the sales prospecting process even more accessible. All it requires is the name and domain detail. Once you provide this information, it takes a fraction of seconds to find the email addresses.

Common Connections on LinkedIn

When you are searching on LinkedIn, try looking for shared connections. And if you spot the right prospect, you are searching for, request your contact for an introduction. This introduction is highly effective as it comes with a trust factor and will ease your effort to connect with the desired prospect.

With these approaches, you can reach out to the target decision-makers.

Got the Contact Details; What Next?

While conducting your research, form a detailed profile of your decision-makers. Look for customer reviews about their company as this will help you discover the company’s pain points, and you can address this in your outreach.

You must be successful in explaining to them how your service or product will put an end to their problems. And when you provide the solution to an issue, they potentially don’t know exists. Hence, thorough research is one of the effective ways to draw your prospect’s attention.

When you build a strong rapport with the decision-makers, they will become the advocates for your service or product.

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