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Health and Safety job: What is it?

The Health and Safety job is the person in charge of all workplace safety measures. He must eliminate all hazards and accidents within the organization that could affect the safety of employees and subcontractors. To do so, he observes the settings in which workers operate and detects, analyzes, and prioritizes occupational risks in order to decrease their impact.

The Health and Safety Manager is the person who, in collaboration with others, develops a safety routine to protect personnel from hazards such as chemical or electrical hazards. He or she warns them about the dangers and gives them various means of protection (individual or collective protective equipment or prevention). It also makes changes like installing protective barriers. These actions are carried out with the help of operational workers and managers.

What is his role?

Regardless of the size of the company in which he or she works, an HS Manager generally performs the role of :

  • Advisor

The Health and Safety Manager advises and aids the general manager in the development and implementation of the company’s safety policy, which includes the employee safety orientations.

Following the HS Manager’s examination of the outcomes of the internal and external context, the H&S policy can be developed.

He or she must also keep an eye on dangers and, if necessary, notify management. He or she must also provide advice and raise awareness about occupational health and safety among the various department leaders.

  • Designer

The Safety Engineer is in charge of developing a system for managing occupational health and safety. This entails outlining the roles and responsibilities for occupational health and safety. He or she will also be required to select indicators to assess the efficiency of the measures implemented.

He/she is in charge of coordinating all HS activities in the field. He/she reports to the General Management on the outcomes attained in terms of HS and offers corresponding action plans.

In coordination with management, he/she coordinates HS operations in the field, such as safety shifts. He or she also collaborates with the employees.

  • Negotiator

The Health and Safety Manager is responsible for debating risk management and its repercussions. He or she must defend the findings of safety audits and persuade the departments concerned after preparing safety diagnoses and assessments. In the case of an accident, he or she is also in charge of coordinating emergency response.

What are its missions?

Injury prevention is a significant concern for businesses, which is why a Health and Safety Manager’s responsibilities are expanding.

  • Putting together an HS system

The Health and Safety Manager’s purpose is to implement an Occupational Health and Safety management system in compliance with ISO 45001 standards (HS).

  • Risk evaluation

The Safety Manager is in charge of identifying hazards and advising General Management on safety and environmental issues based on such evaluations. He or she must then propose a company-specific safety policy.

He is also in charge of fire drills and equipment inspections. It also begins compliance checks for safety standards, research, and other diagnostics.

  • A security policy is recommended.

He/she implements a security policy and initiates preventative or protective activities in coordination with other departments.

  • Improvement suggestions

The Health and Safety job is responsible for diagnosing and implementing changes to employee health and safety. He or she is also in charge of project management for improvement and development.

  • Performing audits

Internal and external health, safety, and/or environmental audits are conducted by the HS in accordance with legislation and procedures. He or she may be in charge of a team of OHS auditors. He or she also organizes OHS rounds or management visits.

  • Monitoring the implementation of legislation

The Safety Manager is responsible for monitoring the application of safety legislation and the implementation of the selected HS standards

What are the qualities and skills required to become a Health and Safety Manager?

A strong sense of initiative is required of the Health and Safety Manager jobs. He or she is capable of making critical decisions in a short amount of time. In other words, he or she is a catalyst for action and decision-making. He or she understands how to demonstrate creativity, imagination, determination, and reactivity while maintaining a focus on group efficiency. The HS has the ability to adapt and evolve as needed.

This expert also has an excellent sense of touch. He or she has strong interpersonal skills, as he or she is expected to communicate with internal and external stakeholders on a frequent basis. As a result, he must adjust his or her speech to the individual with whom he or she is conversing. He or she must also listen to his or her coworkers in order to foster a positive work environment. They must stay current on regulatory and safety legislation changes.

The Health and Safety Manager must be able to instruct others. To accomplish so, he establishes instructional methods and practices for passing on his or her skills and knowledge to his or her staff. The safety officer must master the knowledge of human sciences, rules, and technology in order to carry out his or her responsibilities.

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