Harris County middle school students earn trophies at state technology conference


HAMILTON, Ga (WRBL) – 25 students from Harris County Carver Middle School’s Technology Student Association traveled to the Classic Center in Athens, Ga., to compete in the Georgia TSA State Conference. These students have been preparing all school year by working on events during homeroom and after school.

During the first session Thursday evening, Paul Markert, who serves as the first-ever Lego Coach for the group, a parent chaperone, and president of the HCCMS Technology and Engineering Booster Club, was honored with the award for Outstanding Volunteer. HCCMS also won the White Star Award for increasing its TSA Membership.

“Due to the recent CDC announcements, the event was cut short and students headed home,” said HCCMS Teacher and TSA Advisor Kim Acosta. “Even with a shortened event, HCCMS received 14 trophies and multiple top three finishes, including 3rd Place for Outstanding Chapter in the State based on the overall ranking in all events.” The winners and their categories include:

1st Place Electrical Applications: Jeremiah Durham, Alexander Hernandez

1st Place Foundations of Information Technology: Gabe Acosta

1st Place Biotechnology: Grace Ricker, Lillian Collins, Hunter Hammond

1st Place Mass Production: Mya Street, Lillian Collins, Isabella Clover, Kenzie Johnson

2nd Place Promotional Marketing: Isabella Clover

2nd Place Video Game Design: Brandon Luker, Caillou Guzman, Sean Powell, Michael Thomas, Tate Williams

2nd Place Chapter Team Daniel Harkins: Gabriel Myers, Grace Ricker, Gabbi Guillaume, Kendall Markert, Sara McAllister

2nd Place Problem Solving: Kendall Markert, Sarai Aguirre, Sara McAllister, Daniel Harkins

2nd Place Microcontroller Design: Jeremiah Durham, Michael Thomas

2nd Place Coding: Gabe Acosta, Tate Williams

3rd Place First Lego League: Brandon Luker, Alexander Hernandez, Sara McAllister

3rd Place Forensic Technology: Daniel Harkins, Jeremiah Durham

3rd Place Off the Grid: Mya Street, Gabbi Guillaume, Samantha‐Jo Ramsey

4th Place VEX IQ Tournament: AJ Aut, Daniel Harkins

4th Place Children’s Stories: Trinity Lilly, Kendall Markert, Sara McAllister

4th Place Community Service Video: Gabe Acosta, Isabella Clover, Aiden Logan

5th Place CAD Foundations: Gabe Acosta

5th Place Dragster: Sara McAllister

5th Place Data Science and Analytics: Trinity Lilly, Kenzie Johnson, Samantha‐Jo Ramsey

6th Place Website Design: Brandon Luker, Hunter Hammond, Sean Powell

6th Place Outstanding Student: Gabbi Guillaume

7th Place Cybersecurity: AJ Aut

7th Place STEM Animation: Caillou Guzman, Michael Thomas, Tate Williams

8th Place Medical Technology: Grace Ricker, Lillian Collins, Sean Powell

9th Place Tech Bowl Written Gabbi Guillaume

9th Place Foundations of Information Technology: James Boisvert

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