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Fitness instructor brings ‘best practices’ to Norwalk


Over a year ago, Heath felt his journey with teaching fitness or in-person training was finished. He planned to move to Atlanta and pursue filmmaking when he received phone calls that would change his path.

“(It’s) just a godsend and has been such a blessing,” Heath said.

He was offered to teach a fitness class at Maple City Health Club and train the president of Oberlin College.

Health is the PHIIT instructor at Maple City and the class is always changing.

“The class is unlike any other class,” Heath said. “This class is a combination of a lot of things I’ve learned in the industry.”

Heath said that PHIIT is a “best practices class” and he brings the best parts of different workout styles together.

“There’s a little bit of everything,” Heath said.

The class, depending on the day, features weight training, cardio, flexibility, combat exercises and pilates. Heath said he never repeats a workout and that every class is different.

Heath has taught classes in Norwalk before, with a fitness class at the rec center and he also held a boot camp at the reservoir.

He watched footage from military boot camps and based his fitness class on this.

Heath said he wanted “to figure out a way to draw people, to bring them something new that they hadn’t seen before.”

Heath left Ohio to work in Florida for a few years, but returned to care for his parents. Heath started his fitness classes at Maple City a year ago today and has seen familiar faces.

“After being gone for years and to come back and have many of the same people sign up,” Heath said. “I think that says a lot about their support of my vision and how much they enjoy this experience.”

He said his clients mean more to him than a working relationship and he views his clients as friends.

“I have the best clients, they’re not just clients to me. They’re friends and we are a family,” Heath said. “They build relationships that go beyond just this room. We care for each other.”

Heath said his fitness class has experienced a phenomenal retention rate, of “well over 80 percent.”

He said as challenging as his class can be, he likes to keep things fun.

“My favorite thing about teaching is being able to celebrate their victories with them,” Heath said.

He said that Norwalk is a place he’s always felt encouraged, despite growing up in Akron.

“I’ve always felt supported here,” Heath said. “I knew I had people here who would help me grow this class, who would support me no matter what.”


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