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Feeling right at home at the Country Steak Out – The Fort Morgan Times


Dining at the Country Steak Out feels like home, and that is a feeling that sole restaurant owner Alvina Schrum has worked hard to create.

Schrum has owned the family-style restaurant since 1999 and said she’s loved just about every second of it. She and her dedicated staff of cooks and waiters have spent the last 20 years making their customers as happy as possible, and the people of Morgan County have taken notice.

“I love people. I like to be around people, and I like to help people,” she said. “God just made me a giving person.”

The walls near the restaurant’s front door are lined with awards Schrum and the restaurant have received over the last two decades. Schrum was the Fort Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce’s “Citizen of the Year” in 2013, and a recipient of the Morgan County Economic Development Corporation’s SAGE Award in 2018. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office also provided her a plaque thanking her for supporting local law enforcement and the fight against drugs.

The Country Steak Out has cemented its valuable role as a place of comfort for Morgan County residents and families, and that is no accident.

“In the restaurant, I want everybody to feel at home,” Schrum said. “That’s why it’s decorated like home, so they feel comfortable.”

Gifts from frequent customers and paintings reminiscent of the Wild West make up the restaurant’s decor. The dining room feels like the inside of a cozy ranch, and music from the 1950s and ’60s plays through the speakers. Schrum said she and her customers prefer that older music.

“Some people don’t like country and Western music, because it’s always sad or about running around on somebody,” she said.

On any given day, one or two community meetings could be going on in the Country Steak Out’s back dining rooms. Schrum built a large addition to the restaurant years ago so that local groups could have a space to gather in while enjoying a warm meal. Throughout the year, she hosts dozens of parties, fundraisers and other meetings at the Country Steak Out.

Fort Morgan Lions Club members Bill Kindel and Vernon Tyron sat in one of the back dining rooms earlier this week, planning club business just as they do at least twice a month. Kindel said the Country Steak Out has been a big help to the Lions Club and many other local groups, thanks to Schrum’s kindness and dedication.

“She’s the center of the entire community,” Kindel said.

Auctions, Rotary Club meetings and other banquets are a frequent part of the Country Steak Out’s schedule. For Schrum, providing comfort and community for people is just as important as providing a good meal.

“It just makes my heart feel good because I can make people happy, and my customers make me happy,” she said.

Around 125 people dine at the Country Steak Out every day, either feasting on the daily buffet or ordering from a seemingly unlimited menu. Breakfast is available all day starting at 6 a.m., and Schrum said she has no problem serving really anything a customer wants that she can make in the kitchen.

The kitchen is staffed by two cooks in the morning and two in the evening for dinner service. A handful of the restaurant’s 22 employees have been around since Schrum took over the business in 1999, another testament to the family feel of the Country Steak Out. Rica Marones has worked in the kitchen since the beginning, and now makes most of the restaurant’s salads.

Karla Felix, a Fort Morgan native, has worked as a waitress at the Country Steak Out for around nine years. She said she’s loved working with the team there and becoming close with Schrum.

“She’s caring and like a mom to everybody,” Felix said of Schrum.

Brush local Chad Lambert, of Rival Services, LLC, said he hosts company-wide safety meetings at the Country Steak Out around five times a year. He said Schrum is always quick to accommodate his “crazy requests,” and that her cooks make a mean cinnamon roll. He’s been dining at the Coutnry Steak Out for almost 13 years now.

“It’s just like eating at home. For one thing, it’s not like other restaurant food,” Lambert said.

The Country Steak Out is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is located at 19592 E. Eighth Ave. in Fort Morgan.


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