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All of us have an immense fear of missing out and getting disconnected from social media, friends, family, and music. With the unfolding of 2021, our lives have become thoroughly digital. We are constantly glued to social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, checking the latest content, watching our favorite social media influencers, grooving to the music, listening to our all-time-favorite podcasts. This is where the service of a good youtube video downloader is highly needed.

Let us talk about the video downloader of savefrom, for instance, which allows users to download MP3 and MP4 YouTube and Facebook files to laptops and smartphones. The one thing that renders such services wonderful is that it allows users to download unlimited files by creating their favorite playlists and enjoying the downloaded files whenever and wherever they want.

Download Your Favorite Tracks & Enjoy Them Later

We understand how frustrating it can get when you get disconnected from the internet, like your home Wi-Fi every time you step out of the house. You still might want to enjoy your favorite tracks on the go while you are running some errands. Now, connecting to public Wi-Fi, such as at the supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, airports, etc., is never recommended. The reason for this is quite understandable as there are potential risks involved with using public Wi-Fi. For instance, your system/ laptop/ smartphone could be hacked by a hacker, and resultantly, you might have to deal with identity theft and data breach.

Instead of logging into your social media accounts to access your video and audio content while using public Wi-Fi, a better option would be to download your required content and enjoy it offline. Every time the mood strikes you, you want to listen to your favorite track instead of waiting until you get home. You can use one of the best video downloaders, access your playlist. Such instant accessibility to your favorite tracks is the primary reason that online YouTube/ video downloaders are gaining massive popularity.

Create Playlists According to Genre

With a few swipes and clicks, you will have access to amazing playlists that can be categorized according to the genre/ theme of the downloaded files. You can create different playlists for different genres. For instance, if you are into old-school hip-hop, you can create a playlist with the title “hip-hop” and start downloading and saving your all-time favorite tracks in it. You might be a huge fan of audiobooks, such as the audiobooks of “The Lord of The Ring”. All you need to do is download and save the file and enjoy it whenever and wherever you want to enjoy it.

The best online video downloader allows you to create a bomb playlist and listen to whatever you want and wherever you want. The best part is yet to come: typically, such apps are easy to install. Some even run in the cloud, which gives the users plenty of slack to avoid a software or hardware setup. The best video downloaders don’t have malware and viruses, which allows an excellent user experience.