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Fashion: Looking good at the gym


, The new year is here. Each new year brings new resolutions. Getting fit and being your best are always at the top of the list.

Getting fit is a top priority for many Southeast Texans. The gyms overflow with new members in January as ambitious bodies head to the gym to accomplish their fitness goals for the new year.

“All health clubs see an increase in memberships and existing members hitting it hard in the new year,” said Travis Duggar, owner of Exygon Health and Fitness. “It’s a great time to reflect on what was working and what wasn’t. It’s an excellent time to make those changes and meet your goals.”

For some, joining a gym means finding something to wear. Exercise clothing should be comfortable and nonrestrictive. Comfort does not mean you have to sacrifice style.

A variety of people in the Golden Triangle have found the perfect outfit for their active lifestyle. Your workout style can include a stylish look that works for you.

Trinell Maxie, 37

“My favorite gym outfit is my new Gymshark Power Down leggings and Non Stop cropped hoodie. I like high-waisted pants because I’m a curvy fit girl. I love neutral pieces that I can easily mix. I like to layer. I will tie my jacket around my waist if it’s hot. I think it’s important to be comfortable but show your personality, too.”

Mariah Sexton, 38

“My favorite items to wear to the gym are from Athleta. I modeled for them while in Austria, and I fell in love! They use a soft material. I love my red Athleta Ultra High Rise Elation tights. They stay on me while I’m doing the craziest of poses or exercises.”

Joseph Brooks, 24

“My favorite top is not too tight but snug enough to show muscles. I want to see my progress. I like Badger sports brand and Nike. Nike products are comfortable and provide support when running and cycling.”

Erikka Walker

“My favorite workout outfit is an Athleta top with Athleta joggers. The outfit is comfortable, lightweight and my favorite color. A cute outfit is a great way to boost your confidence while working out, and it gives you that extra motivation.”

Edwin Broussard

“My favorite active wear is the BCG brand from Academy. It’s inexpensive and comfortable. The gym is intimidating, and some people look really fit. You can feel out of place, but you are there to build a better you. I ignore everything and workout. I want to be healthy. I’ve lost 100 pounds. I feel 10 times better than I did. I don’t fall asleep at my desk anymore. I need new clothes because I’ve lost so much weight. One day, I’ll try Spandex.”


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