Driving law: Motorists can face a £1,000 fine and points for using in-car technology


The law states road users must be in proper control of a vehicle at all times and those deemed to be driving carelessly could face severe consequences. Sales of connected cars with advanced technology systems are on the rise and 250million are expected on the roads globally by the end of the year.

A recent report from vehicle management platform Motus found car crash incidents were rising due to distractions while behind the wheel.

Department for Transport (DfT) data revealed a three percent year-on-year increase in people seriously injured in road accidents in 2018.

Further DfT statistics showed 88 people were killed and more than 600 injured by in-car distractions alone.

Another study into connected cars from Esurance revealed the horrifying truth of the danger distraction poses to road users.

“However, all this can come at a price if people are distracted by the in-car technology.”

A recent study by IAM RoadSmart backed up the findings after they discovered technology was mostly to blame for the cause of distractions behind the wheel.

Their research highlighted more than a quarter of in-car distractions were linked to changing the radio station, and 15 percent were caused by updating a sat-nav.

Mobile phones are one of the most popular distractions while driving but motorists could be hit with severe penalties if they are caught.

Police will issue a £200 fine and six penalty points for using a mobile phone while in control of a car.

A legal loophole is set to close in 2020 which means motorists can now be prosecuted for using a phone for anything while behind the wheel.

The loophole was closed after a motorist successfully appealed his charges after lawyers argued the rules only applied for communication purposes and not for other means.

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