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Death toll in Hawaii skydive crash with plane filled with skydivers that took off in Oahu has risen up to 11


More Hawaii skydive crash victims pictured as it’s revealed plane which crashed killing all 11 on board had a scare in 2016 when all its skydivers had to jump early

Death toll in crash of plane filled with skydivers that took off in Oahu is up to 11

Casey Williamson, 29, who worked at the Oahu Parachute Center, was aboard the plane at the time of the crash, his cousin Natacha Mendenhall has confirmed

Mike Martin, who had been skydiving for the last three years, was also aboard the plane, according to his ex-roommate

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Larry Lemaster, an instructor at the Oahu Parachute Center, also died in the crash, according to the mother of their child

Another instructor, Daniel Herndon, was said to be on the plane that crashed

Friends on social media named James Lisenbee as the fifth fatality from Friday’s crash

Authorities will officially announce the names of the deceased on Monday

Investigators are looking into past inspections and repairs done on the aircraft that crashed on Friday

The names of five of the 11 people killed on board a skydiving plane that crashed in Hawaii on Friday have been revealed on social media as it was learned on Sunday that the same aircraft suffered damage in 2016, forcing the skydivers to jump early.

While officials have not named the victims in Friday’s North Shore crash, friends and family have taken to social media to offer condolences and eulogies.

An official with the mayor’s office said Monday would be the earliest any information is released.

However, at least one family is sharing their grief before getting the official word, saying Casey Williamson, 29, was one of the victims.

Williamson’s love of adventure led him to winter snowboarding in Vail, Colorado, and summer skydiving in Moab, Utah.

A year-and-a-half ago, he found his way to Hawaii, where he could skydive year-round.

Williamson was his mother Carla Ajaga’s only child, his cousin Natacha Mendenhall said.

‘We’re all very upset,’ said Mendenhall, speaking from her home in Fort Worth, Texas.

‘She cannot really talk right now. What she wants everyone to know is how full of life her son was, how loving he was.’


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