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Here’s the hard truth – local newsrooms have been on the decline for years, creating news deserts across the Ghana. That ends now. Republik City News’s mission is to revitalize the local news scene and help locals connect with their communities. To do that, we need to partner with the best minds around. And we’re hoping that’s you.

Become our creator

Our creator program brings together professional journalists, experts, and high-quality content creators to deliver relevant, local, and original content. Republik City News creators cover everything from in-depth investigative features to timely events happening around town.

Be authentic and accurate

Creators are expected to produce high-quality, accurate content in order to build trust with communities and audiences everywhere.

Provide a unique perspective

Bring your own unique expertise or find a different angle to the story. We value diverse perspectives that represent everyone.

Engage with your audience

Whether you’re developing trusted sources or gathering new story ideas, engaging with your audience helps set you up for future success.

How the program works

Publish meaningful content

We’ll provide you the platform and tools you need to easily publish content, and you’ll maintain all creative and editorial control over said content. Win-win, right?

Earn money for your work

We offer competitive rates, which includes ad share revenue, referral bonus options, and a guaranteed sign-on base pay for qualifying articles.

6 Easy Steps To Making Money On Republik City News

On top of these 6 simple steps to getting started writing and earning on Republik City News, we have a resource center. You can explore it here. It has guides on everything from getting started to writing reviews and lists

1) Before you jump into the world of revenue share content writing there are some things you should understand. First of all, while writing on Republik City News, your revenue will come from a few different sources.

You will generate most of your earnings from AdSense. Adsense pays out at around $2-$3 per 1,000 views, but it is subject to change and depends on content. On top of that, we also partner up with affiliate programs such as Amazon but the going rate is based on our Adsense revenue generated.

PLEASE NOTE: We can and will negotiate better rates for those authors who have the ability to bring in more traffic than the norm through their followings.

2) Once you’re satisfied that you want to write for Republik City News you can jump into the exciting community and get to know everyone. First, however, you’ll need to apply.

3) Okay, so you’ve applied and registered an account, you’re wondering what is next. First of all, you need to decide what you want from Republik City News. Are you going to be an occasional book reviewer who earns beer money or are you going to be a hardcore contributor who writes 3-4 highly polished articles a day and tops our earning leader board?

If you cannot decide, but still want to contribute as a writer, and be part of the community you can take your time but please keep in mind that to be eligible as a paid contributor, you must average at least 3 posts per week.

4) Once you have decided what type of writer you want to be (there is no commitment, so do what you want really), it’s time to start writing content.

You will earn advertising revenue on all lists you write, but you’ll earn a lot more if you write product-orientated lists that feature 5+ items linked from different affiliate sources. We have listed all the companies we are partnered with here, so you can pick and choose products from them for maximum earnings. For instant, you will earn $50 for every claimed business in our directory site that you have listed.

5) So you’ve done your research, you’ve spent hours writing a high-quality post… now what? Well after you click submit an editor will take a look at your post. We have a dedicated team of editors who take quality very seriously. If they think the quality is good enough they will create a stylish thumbnail and header image for your post and submit it.

If there are some minor problems with grammar and spelling then the editors will correct them and post your edited post. If your post does not meet our quality standards then it may be rejected. Feel free to contact the person who rejected your post for an explanation.

Editing can take up to a few days as we get a lot of post-submission, but it is normally a lot faster. If you get a track record of creating high-quality posts then you may be able to eventually approve your posts on your own.

6) So you’ve submitted a bunch of high-quality articles and reviews, you’ve added hundreds of items to lists…where are the earnings?

As you write lists and articles for Republik City News, you will soon realize that there is no secret bullet to earning lots of money online. If your content is quality and your list contributions are the best you will soon see your earnings picking up. Republik City News is a growing news website so an article you write now may not earn a lot now, but in the future, it could go viral and get a lot of traffic.

This is part of the beauty of Republik City News. You earn from your article for as long as it is live.

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