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Corpus Christi business owner searches for vandals


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Corpus Christi business owner needs the public’s help finding the person who vandalized her business.

She says sometime last night, an air conditioning unit was stolen from Paletera La Cabaña off of Leopard Street.

Owner, Denise Fernandez, says they made the shocking discovery this morning at the Paletera La Cabaña. 

Located right next to the Tuloso-Midway District, Paletera La Cabaña is a major hub for students after school. 

This loss will be a major expense for the business, and they’re hoping someone will come forward with information on who stole the unit.

“It’s just a little sad to see that they took something away not only from myself, as the business owner, but from everyone that actually goes into La Paletera. Especially our kids that we receive after school,” said owner, Denise Fernandez. 

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