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No ring yet for Donald’s baby girl

Just when we thought there would be a genuine billionaire in the Trump family, Mr. Moneybags popped our balloon.

Breathless rumors that Tiffany Trump, fourth child and second daughter of President Donald Trump, would be feted at an engagement party at Mar-a-Lago next weekend were shot down by the presumed bridegroom-to-be.

Michael Boulos, the 25-year-old Lebanese-American heir to a multibillion-dollar family fortune and Tiffany’s boyfriend for the past year and a half, took to social media to decry the invitation that has been circulating is a fake.

That may well be. In addition the glaring “Palm Beach Island” geographical slip — really, who says “Palm Beach Island”? — there are protocol errors, such as the double reference to “president,” “announcing” an engagement party rather than extending an invitation, and using the position of “The President of the United States” on stationery without the presidential seal.

Really, what has this country come to?

Boulos addressed the prank in a post on his Instagram account in the form of a New Year’s greeting.

“Want to wish everyone a happy new year!!’ he wrote. “‘FYI though, the letter/invitation that has spread around in the past two days is not real, it’s been completely made up …'”

He punctuated the sentiment with double “laughing so hard I’m crying” emojis.

The Lebanese news website Naharnet reported the engagement early Wednesday, sourcing to a news report on (drum roll) … MTV.

Yes, that bastion on journalism, MTV.

The Boulos family reportedly owns SCOA Nigeria PLC, a equipment, retail and construction conglomerate in Nigeria.

Of course, the reports could be true and the denials just a ruse to throw people off.

Time will tell.

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