Central and South Tongu districts witness peaceful Special Voting exercise –


The Special Voting exercise has successfully ended in South and Central Tongu Districts of the Volta region.

The exercise, which began at exactly 0700 hours without any challenge at the District Police Headquarters in South Tongu, ended successfully with many observers saying ‘peace was all we prayed for.’

A total of 407 eligible voters were expected to cast their ballots in the South Tongu District.

At the close of polls at 1700 hours, 370 cast their votes out of the total number of 407, with 37 absentees.

The South Tongu District Electoral Officer, Mr Barton Braimah disclosed that the exercise went on without any disturbance.

The situation was not different in the Central Tongu District as voters came out peacefully to vote.

Out of the 430 total voters, 401 cast their ballots before the exercise ended.

EC officials at the District office of the Central Tongu EC where voting was conducted were given free time to rest since the atmosphere remained calm.

Mrs Comfort Amoah, District Electoral Officer for Central Tongu commended the electorates, who would be performing special electoral duties on December 7 for the peaceful manner they conducted themselves.

All Covid-19 safety protocols were strictly adhered to.

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