Category C Schools in Ghana

Category C Schools in Ghana

Prospective Senior High School students would want to attend the best senior high schools in Ghana and Parents will equally want the best for their wards hence the search for suitable schools is normally done ahead of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) each year. Before we present the Category C Schools in Ghana, note that;

Going to a Senior High School in Ghana will require a candidate to select his or her choices of senior high from seven categories of schools: category A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. These comprises public, private, and technical/vocational schools. These lists help B.E.C.E candidates preparing for Senior High School to make an informed decision.

Category A, B, C, and D are all public or government senior high schools which are the most preferred choices by many candidates. Category E is a list of public Technical/ Vocational Institutions, whereas Categories F and G are Private Senior High/ Technical Vocational Institutions.

The list is generated and updated by the Ghana Education Service (GES) each year as a guide to students, parents, and teachers. It is also interesting to know that the category A schools are referred to as the top senior high schools, from which a BECE candidate can only select one choice. Usually, they are referred to as the best senior high schools, and each year some schools climb up into category A.

Academic performance at WASSCE, School’s achievement, Infrastructure, and facilities are among the important ranking factors the Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) use to rank Senior High Schools in Ghana.

The arrangement of schools in our publication is in no order. We are just presenting them as they were written.

Category C Schools In Ghana 

Here is the full list of all Category C Schools in Ghana;

1 AHAFO Terchire Senior High
2 ASHANTI Bodwesango Senior High
3 ASHANTI Afigyaman Senior High School
4 ASHANTI Adugyama Comm. Senior High
5 ASHANTI Mankranso Senior High
6 ASHANTI Tweapease Senior High School
7 ASHANTI Manso-Adubia Senior High
8 ASHANTI Mansoman Senior High
9 ASHANTI Esaase Bontefufuo Snr. High/Tech.
10 ASHANTI Agogo State College
11 ASHANTI Owerriman Senior High
12 ASHANTI Banka Comm. Senior High
13 ASHANTI Ofoase Senior High/Tech
14 ASHANTI Juaso Senior High/Tech
15 ASHANTI Parkoso Comm. Senior High
16 ASHANTI Atwima Kwanwoma Snr High/Tech
17 ASHANTI Anum Asamoah Senior High/Tech
18 ASHANTI Adobewora Comm. Senior High
19 ASHANTI Nyinahin Cath. Senior High
20 ASHANTI Nkawie Senior High/Tech
21 ASHANTI Barekese Senior High
22 ASHANTI Wesley High School, Bekwai
23 ASHANTI Denyaseman Cath.Senior High
24 ASHANTI Bosome Senior High/Tech.
25 ASHANTI St. George’s Senior High Tech.
26 ASHANTI Bosomtwe Oyoko Comm. Senior High
27 ASHANTI Osei Adutwum Senior High
28 ASHANTI St. Sebastian Cath. Senior High
29 ASHANTI Ejisuman Senior High
30 ASHANTI Bonwire Senior High/Tech
31 ASHANTI Achinakrom Senior High
32 ASHANTI Ejuraman Anglican Senior High
33 ASHANTI Akwesi Awobaa Senior High
34 ASHANTI Pentecost Senior High, Kumasi
35 ASHANTI Uthmaniya Senior High, Tafo
36 ASHANTI Agric Nzema Senior High, Kumasi
37 ASHANTI Kumasi Senior High/Tech
38 ASHANTI Adventist Girls Senior High, Ntonso
39 ASHANTI Adanwomase Senior High
40 ASHANTI Kofi Adjei Senior High/Tech
41 ASHANTI Antoa Senior High
42 ASHANTI Simms Senior High/Com.
43 ASHANTI Gyaama Pensan Senior High/Tech
44 ASHANTI Amaniampong Senior High
45 ASHANTI Opoku Agyeman Senior High/Tech
46 ASHANTI St. Joseph Sem/Senior High, Mampong
47 ASHANTI Obuasi Senior High/Tech
48 ASHANTI Namong Senior High/Tech
49 ASHANTI Asuoso Comm. Senior High
50 ASHANTI Akumadan Senior High
51 ASHANTI Nkenkansu Community Senior High
52 ASHANTI Presby Senior High/Tech, Kwamang
53 ASHANTI Tijjaniya Senior High
54 ASHANTI Effiduase Senior High/Tech
55 ASHANTI Effiduase Senior High/Com
56 ASHANTI Dadease Agric Senior High
57 ASHANTI Bodomase Senior High/Tech
58 ASHANTI Adu Gyamfi Senior High
59 ASHANTI Sabronum Methodist Senior High/Tech
60 ASHANTI Prince Of Peace Girls
61 ASHANTI Jubilee Senior High
62 ASHANTI Church Of Christ Senior High
63 ASHANTI Kurofa Methodist Senior High
64 ASHANTI Wiafe Akenten Presby Senior High
65 ASHANTI Spiritan Senior High
66 ASHANTI Onwe senior High Senior
67 ASHANTI J. A. Kufuor Senior High
68 BONO Bandaman Senior High
69 BONO St. Augustine Senior High, Nsapor-Berekum
70 BONO Methodist Senior High/Tech.,Biadan
71 BONO Duadaso No. 1 Senior High/Tech.
72 BONO Nkyeraa Senior High Sch.
73 BONO Koase Senior High/Tech
74 BONO EAST Atebubu Senior High
75 BONO EAST Kintampo Senior High
76 BONO EAST New Longoro Comm.School (Dega)
77 BONO EAST Busunya Senior High
78 BONO EAST Abeaseman Comm. Day Senior High
79 BONO EAST Kwame Danso Senior High/Tech
80 BONO EAST Kwarteng Ankomah Senior High
81 BONO EAST Gyarko Comm. Day Senior High
82 BONO EAST Kesse Basahyia Senior High
83 BONO EAST St. Francis Seminary/Senior High, Buoyem
84 BONO EAST Krobo Comm.Senior High
85 BONO EAST Bassa Community Senior High
86 BONO EAST New Krokompe Comm. Senior High
87 BONO EAST Abrafi Senior High
88 CENTRAL Moree Comm. Senior High
89 CENTRAL Aburaman Senior High
90 CENTRAL Abakrampa Senior High/Tech
91 CENTRAL Agona Namonwora Comm.Senior High
92 CENTRAL Kwanyako Senior High
93 CENTRAL Agona Fankobaa Senior High
94 CENTRAL Swedru Sch. Of Business
95 CENTRAL Enyan Maim Comm. Day School
96 CENTRAL Mando Senior High/Tech.
97 CENTRAL Enyan Denkyira Senior High
98 CENTRAL Bisease Senior High/Com
99 CENTRAL Odoben Senior High
100 CENTRAL Brakwa Senior High/Tech
101 CENTRAL Assin State College
102 CENTRAL Gyaase Community Senior High
103 CENTRAL Obiri Yeboah Senior High/Technical
104 CENTRAL Assin North Senior High/Tech
105 CENTRAL Assin Nsuta Agric. Senior High
106 CENTRAL Assin Manso Senior High
107 CENTRAL Nyankumase Ahenkro Snr. High
108 CENTRAL Awutu Bawjiase Comm. Senior High
109 CENTRAL Odupong Comm. Day School
110 CENTRAL Obrachire Senior High/Tech
111 CENTRAL Senya Senior High
112 CENTRAL Effutu Senior High/Tech
113 CENTRAL Oguaa Senior High/Tech
114 CENTRAL J.E.A. Mills Senior High
115 CENTRAL Fettehman Senior High
116 CENTRAL Gomoa Gyaman Senior High
117 CENTRAL Potsin T.I. Ahm. Senior High
118 CENTRAL Gomoa Senior High/Tech
119 CENTRAL College of Music Senior, Mozano
120 CENTRAL Eguafo-Abrem Senior High
121 CENTRAL Komenda Senior High/Tech.
122 CENTRAL Mankessim Senior High/Tech
123 CENTRAL Abeadze State College
124 CENTRAL Kwegyir Aggrey Senior High
125 CENTRAL Jukwa Senior High
126 CENTRAL Dunkwa Senior High/Tech
127 CENTRAL Ayanfuri Senior High
128 CENTRAL Kyekyewere Comm. Senior High School
129 CENTRAL Akyin Senior High School
130 CENTRAL Ogyeedom Comm.Snr High/Tech
131 CENTRAL Mokwaa Senior High Sch
132 CENTRAL St. Gregory Catholic Senior High School
133 CENTRAL Bontrase Senior High Tech. Sch
134 EASTERN Mem-Chemfre Comm. Senior High
135 EASTERN Donkorkrom Agric Senior High
136 EASTERN Maame Krobo Comm. Senior High
137 EASTERN St. Fidelis Senior High/Tech
138 EASTERN Mampong/Akw Snr. High/Tech for the Deaf
139 EASTERN Presby Senior High, Mampong Akwapim
140 EASTERN Presby  Senior High/Tech, Larteh
141 EASTERN H’Mount Sinai Senior High
142 EASTERN Presby Senior High/Tech, Adukrom
143 EASTERN Mangoase Senior High
144 EASTERN Presby Senior High/Tech, Aburi
145 EASTERN Diaspora Girls’ Senior High
146 EASTERN Akokoaso Senior High/Tech
147 EASTERN Ayirebi Senior High
148 EASTERN Boso Senior High Technical
149 EASTERN Anum Presby Senior High
150 EASTERN Apeguso Senior High
151 EASTERN Adjena Senior High/Tech.
152 EASTERN S.D.A. Senior High. Akim Sekyere
153 EASTERN Anum Apapam Comm. Day
154 EASTERN Kraboa-Coaltar Presby Snr. High/Tech.
155 EASTERN Atweaman Senior High
156 EASTERN Akroso Senior High/Tech
157 EASTERN New Abirem/Afosu Senior High
158 EASTERN St. Michael’s Senior High, Akoase (Nkawkaw)
159 EASTERN Akim Swedru Senior High
160 EASTERN Aperade Senior  High/Tech.
161 EASTERN Tarkrosi Comm. Senior High
162 EASTERN Salvation Army Senior High, Akim Wenchi
163 EASTERN Akim Asafo Senior High
164 EASTERN Apedwa Presby Senior High
165 EASTERN St. Stephen’s Presby Snr. High/Tech, Asiakwa
166 EASTERN New Nsutam Senior High/Tech
167 EASTERN Osino Presby Senior High/Tech.
168 EASTERN Asuom Senior High
169 EASTERN Bepong Senior High School
170 EASTERN St. Paul’s Senior High, Asakraka Kwahu
171 EASTERN Fodoa Comm. Senior High
172 EASTERN Akro Senior High/Tech
173 EASTERN Akuse Methodist Senior High/Tech
174 EASTERN Nsawam Senior High
175 EASTERN Presby Senior High, Suhum
176 EASTERN Asesewa Senior High School
177 EASTERN Kwaobaah Nyanoa Comm. Senior High
178 EASTERN Adeiso Presby Senior High
179 EASTERN St. Thomas Senior High/Tech
180 EASTERN Klo-Agogo Senior High
181 EASTERN Yilo Krobo Senior High/Com
182 EASTERN Amoana Praso Senior High
183 G. ACCRA Ebenezer Senior High
184 G. ACCRA Accra Wesley Girls High
185 G. ACCRA Presby Senior High, Osu
186 G. ACCRA Holy Trinity Senior High
187 G. ACCRA Kaneshie Senior High/Tech.
188 G. ACCRA Kinbu Senior High/Tech
189 G. ACCRA Ada Senior High/Tech.
190 G. ACCRA Frafraha Comm. Senior High
191 G. ACCRA Ashiaman Senior High
192 G. ACCRA Kwabenya Comm. Senior High
193 G. ACCRA Christian Methodist Senior High
194 G. ACCRA Ngleshie Amanfro Senior High
195 G. ACCRA Amasaman Senior High/Tech
196 G. ACCRA Adjen Kotoku Senior High
197 G. ACCRA Akramaman Senior High
198 G. ACCRA Kpone Comm. Senior High
199 G. ACCRA La Presby Senior High
200 G. ACCRA Presby Senior High, Teshie
201 G. ACCRA O’Reilly Senior High
202 G. ACCRA Osudoku Senior High/Tech.
203 G. ACCRA Tema Meth. Day Senior High
204 G. ACCRA Presby Senior High, Tema
205 G. ACCRA Lashibi Comm. Day
206 G. ACCRA Tema Manhean Senior High/Tech
207 NORTH EAST Nakpanduri Senior High
208 NORTH EAST Bunkpurugu Senior High/Tech
209 NORTH EAST Chereponi Senior High/Tech.
210 NORTH EAST Nalerigu Senior High
211 NORTH EAST Gambaga Girls Senior High
212 NORTH EAST Yagaba Senior High School
213 NORTH EAST Wulugu Senior High
214 NORTH EAST Walewale Senior High
215 NORTH EAST Janga Senior High/Tech
216 NORTH EAST Sakogu Senior High/Tech
217 NORTH EAST Langbinsi Senior High/Tech
218 NORTHERN Gushegu Senior High
219 NORTHERN Karaga Senior High
220 NORTHERN Kpandai Senior High
221 NORTHERN Kumbungu Senior High
222 NORTHERN Sang Comm. Day School
223 NORTHERN Bimbilla Senior High
224 NORTHERN Wulensi Senior High
225 NORTHERN Wapuli Comm. Senior High
226 NORTHERN Saboba E.P. Senior High
227 NORTHERN Islamic Science Senior High, Tamale
228 NORTHERN Northern School of Business
229 NORTHERN Pong-Tamale Senior High
230 NORTHERN Savelugu Senior High
231 NORTHERN Presby Senior High, Tamale
232 NORTHERN Business Senior High, Tamale
233 NORTHERN Vitting Senior High/Tech.
234 NORTHERN Anbariya Senior High Sch.
235 NORTHERN E. P. Agric Senior High/Tech.
236 NORTHERN Tolon Senior High
237 NORTHERN Dagbon State Senior High/Tech
238 NORTHERN Zabzugu Senior High
239 NORTHERN Kasuliyili Senior High
240 NORTHERN Mpaha Comm. Senior High
241 OTI Tapaman Senior High/Tech
242 OTI Biakoye Comm. School
243 OTI Bowiri Comm. Day School
244 OTI Nkonya Senior High
245 OTI Worawora Senior High
246 OTI Ahamansu Islamic Senior High School
247 OTI Kadjebi-Asato Senior High
248 OTI Dodi-Papase Senior High/Tech
249 OTI Yabram Comm. Day School
250 OTI Asukawkaw Senior High
251 OTI Oti Senior High/Tech Sch
252 OTI Nchumuruman Comm. Day Senior High
253 OTI Kete Krachi Senior High/Tech.
254 OTI Krachi Senior High
255 OTI Kpassa Senior High/Tech
256 OTI Nkwanta Comm.Senior High
257 OTI Kyabobo Girls’ School
258 OTI Ntruboman Senior High
259 OTI Nkwanta Senior High
260 SAVANNAH Bamboi Comm. Senior High
261 SAVANNAH Bole Senior High
262 SAVANNAH St. Anthony of Padua Senior High/Tech
263 SAVANNAH Buipe Senior High
264 SAVANNAH Salaga Senior High
265 SAVANNAH Salaga T.I. Ahmad Senior High
266 SAVANNAH Daboya Comm. Day School
267 SAVANNAH Sawla Senior High Sch.
268 SAVANNAH Tuna Senior High/Tech.
269 SAVANNAH Damongo Senior High
270 SAVANNAH Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/Tech.
271 U. EAST Bawku Senior High/Tech.
272 U. EAST Kusanaba Senior High
273 U. EAST Binduri Comm. Senior High
274 U. EAST Gambigo Comm. Day Senior High
275 U. EAST Zuarungu Senior High
276 U. EAST Bolga Sherigu Comm. Senior High
277 U. EAST Zamse Senior High/Tech
278 U. EAST Gowrie Senior High/Tech.
279 U. EAST Bongo Senior High
280 U. EAST Zorkor Senior High
281 U. EAST Sandema Senior High
282 U. EAST Naab Azantilow Senior High/Tech.
283 U. EAST Kanjaga Comm. Senior High
284 U. EAST Fumbisi Senior High
285 U. EAST Garu Comm. Day Senior High
286 U. EAST Tempane Senior High
287 U. EAST O.L.L. Girls Senior High
288 U. EAST Awe Senior High/Tech.
289 U. EAST St. John’s Integrated Snr. High/Tech
290 U. EAST Sirigu Senior High
291 U. EAST Chiana Senior High
292 U. EAST Mirigu Community Day Senior High
293 U. EAST Nabango Senior High School
294 U. EAST Paga Senior High
295 U. EAST Kongo Senior High
296 U. EAST Tongo Senior High/Tech
297 U. EAST Wiaga Comm. Senior High
298 U. EAST Azeem-Namoa Senior High/Tech
299 U. EAST Pusiga Comm. Day Senior High Sch.
300 U. WEST Daffiamah Senior High
301 U. WEST Jirapa Senior High
302 U. WEST Ullo Senior High
303 U. WEST Piina Senior High
304 U. WEST Lambussie Comm. Senior High
305 U. WEST Eremon Senior High/Tech.
306 U. WEST Birifoh Senior High Sch.
307 U. WEST Kaleo Senior High/Tech
308 U. WEST St. Augustine Senior High/Tech, Saan Charikpong
309 U. WEST Takpo Senior High Sch.
310 U. WEST Ko Senior High
311 U. WEST Holy Family Senior High
312 U. WEST Tumu Senior High/Tech.
313 U. WEST Dr. Hila Liman Senior  High School
314 U. WEST Funsi Senior High School
315 U. WEST Loggu Comm. Day School
316 U. WEST Islamic Senior High, Wa
317 U. WEST Wa Senior High/Tech.
318 U. WEST Northern Star Senior High
319 U. WEST Jamiat Al-Hidaya Islamic Girls
320 U. WEST Han Senior High
321 U. WEST Sombo Senior High
322 VOLTA Adaklu Senior High
323 VOLTA Leklebi Senior High
324 VOLTA Ve Comm. Senior High
325 VOLTA Jim Bourton Mem Agric. Senior High
326 VOLTA Ziope Senior High Sch.
327 VOLTA Agotime Senior High
328 VOLTA Akatsi Senior High/Tech
329 VOLTA Ave Senior High
330 VOLTA Avenor Senior High
331 VOLTA Atiavi Senior High/Tech
332 VOLTA Volta Senior High School
333 VOLTA Tsiame Senior High
334 VOLTA Zion Senior High
335 VOLTA Abor Senior High
336 VOLTA Keta Business Senior High
337 VOLTA Anlo Awomefia Senior High
338 VOLTA Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior High
339 VOLTA Adidome Senior High
340 VOLTA Shia Senior HighTechnical
341 VOLTA Sokode Senior High/Tech
342 VOLTA Taviefe Comm. Senior High
343 VOLTA Ziavi Senior High/Tech
344 VOLTA Tanyigbe Senior High
345 VOLTA Kpedze Senior High
346 VOLTA Avatime Senior High
347 VOLTA Tsito Senior High/Tech
348 VOLTA Akome Senior High/Tech.
349 VOLTA Dzolo Senior High
350 VOLTA Akpafu Senior High/Tech.
351 VOLTA E. P. Senior High
352 VOLTA Afadjato Senior High/Tech.
353 VOLTA Alavanyo Senior High/Tech.
354 VOLTA Likpe Senior High
355 VOLTA Afife Senior High Tech.
356 VOLTA Dzodze Penyi Senior High
357 VOLTA Wovenu Senior High Technical
358 VOLTA Weta Senior High/Tech.
359 VOLTA St. Paul’s Senior High, Denu
360 VOLTA Klikor Senior High/Tech.
361 VOLTA Some Senior High
362 VOLTA Three Town Senior High
363 VOLTA Anfoega Senior High
364 VOLTA Vakpo Senior High/Tech
365 VOLTA Volo Comm. Senior High
366 VOLTA Battor Senior High
367 VOLTA Dofor Senior High
368 VOLTA Mepe St. Kizito Senior High/Tech.
369 VOLTA Aveyime Battor Senior High/Tech.
370 VOLTA Kpeve Senior High
371 VOLTA Peki Senior High/Technical
372 VOLTA St. Catherine Girls Senior High
373 VOLTA Dabala Senior High/Tech.
374 VOLTA Gbekor Senior High
375 WESTERN Asankrangwa Senior High/Tech
376 WESTERN Sankor Comm. Senior High School
377 WESTERN Baidoo Bonso Senior High/Tech
378 WESTERN Uthman Bin Afam SHS
379 WESTERN Nkroful Agric. Senior High
380 WESTERN Bonzo-Kaku Senior High
381 WESTERN Annor Adjaye Senior High
382 WESTERN Gwiraman Comm.Senior High
383 WESTERN Axim Girls Senior High
384 WESTERN St. Augustine’s Senior High, Bogoso
385 WESTERN Prestea Senior High/Tech
386 WESTERN Huni Valley Senior High
387 WESTERN Methodist Senior High, Sekondi
388 WESTERN Takoradi Senior High
389 WESTERN Diabene Senior High/Tech
390 WESTERN Fiaseman Senior High
391 WESTERN Benso Senior High/Tech
392 WESTERN Asankrangwa Senior High
393 WESTERN NORTH Nana Brentu Senior High/Tech
394 WESTERN NORTH Adjoafua Comm. Senior High
395 WESTERN NORTH Chirano Comm. Day School
396 WESTERN NORTH Bibiani Senior High/Tech.
397 WESTERN NORTH Queens Girls’ Senior High, Sefwi Awhiaso
398 WESTERN NORTH Nsawora Edumafa Comm. Senior High School
399 WESTERN NORTH Manso-Amenfi Comm. Day School
400 Ashanti Methodist Technincal  Institute
401 Ashanti St. Michael Tech/Voc Inst
402 Eastern J.G. Knol Voc. Instititute
403 Eastern St. Mary’s Voc./Tech. Inst.
404 Gt. Accra Teshie Tech. Instittute
405 Gt. Accra Ashiaman Tech/Voc. Inst.
406 North East Walewale Tech/ Voc Inst.
407 Northern Tamale Technical Institute
408 Oti Fr. Dogli Memorial Voc/Tech. Inst.
409 Savanah Buipe Tech/Voc Inst.
410 Upper East St. Bernadettes Tech/Voc.
411 Upper West St.John’s Voc. Tech. Institute
412 Volta St. Daniel Comboni Tech/Voc Inst.
413 Volta C.Y.O. Tech/Voc. Inst.
414 Volta E.P. Tech/Voc Inst
415 Volta Volta Tech Inst
416 Volta Amedzofe Technical Institute
417 Ahafo Technology Solution Center, Goaso
418 Ahafo Fawohoyeden YLSTI
419 Ahafo Gyedu ICCES
420 Ahafo Yamfo Vocational Training Institute
421 Ahafo Technology Solution Center, Bechem
422 Ashanti Hemang Buoho Vocational Training Institute
423 Ashanti Technology Solution Center, Konongo
424 Ashanti Asankare YLSTI
425 Ashanti Institute of Business Studies-Kumasi
426 Ashanti Nerebehi ICCES
427 Ashanti Twedie ICCES
428 Ashanti Bekwai CDVTI
429 Ashanti Technology Solution Center, Bekwai
430 Ashanti Amoafo  Vocational / Technical Institute – Bekwai
431 Ashanti Konkoma ICCES
432 Ashanti Tetrefu ICCES
433 Ashanti Kwamo CDVTI
434 Ashanti Baworo ICCES
435 Ashanti OICG Kumasi Centre
436 Ashanti Kumasi VocationalTraining Institute-Kumasi
437 Ashanti Technology Solution Center, Mampong
438 Ashanti Amoawi ICCES
439 Ashanti Kumawuman Inst. Of Skills Training
440 Ashanti Technology Solution Center, Sekyere Kumawu
441 Ashanti Agona CDVTI
442 Bono Technology Solution Center, Dormaa Ahenkro
443 Bono Dormaa Vocational Training Institute
444 Bono Technology Solution Center, Drobo
445 Bono Our Lady Fatima Vocational Training Institute
446 Bono Sunyani CDVTI
447 Bono GRATIS Foundation- Bono Region
448 Bono Social Welfare Vocational / Rehabilitation Training Centre
449 Bono Nsoatre CDVTI
450 Bono Bechem CDVTI
451 Bono East Kintampo CDVTI
452 Bono East Technology Solution Center, Techiman
453 Central National Vocational Training Centre – Agona – Swedru
454 Central Ajumako Afranse YLSTI
455 Central Career Training Institute
456 Central Technology Solution Center, Assin Edubiase
457 Central Assin Foso Vocational Training Institute
458 Central Technology Solution Center, Awutu Senya
459 Central GRATIS Foundation- Central Region
460 Central Social Welfare Girls Vocational Training Centre
461 Central Winneba Vocational Training Institute
462 Central Panfokrom CDVTI
463 Central Gomoa Adaa Vocational Training Institute
464 Central Mankoadzi ICCES
465 Central Kingstech ICCES
466 Central Technology Solution Center, Elmina
467 Central Technology Solution Center, Mankesim
468 Central Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Institute, Biriwa
469 Eastern Akrofufu ICCES
470 Eastern Anum Presbyterian Vocational Training Institute
471 Eastern Kibi CDVTI
472 Eastern Takrowase YLSTI
473 Eastern Technology Solution Center, Donkorkrom
474 Eastern Abetifi Vocational Training Institute
475 Eastern Kpong CDVTI
476 Eastern GRATIS Foundation- Eastern Region
477 Eastern Social Welfare Vocational Training Centre – Koforidua
478 Eastern Abiriw ICCES
479 Eastern Technology Solution Center, Suhum
480 Eastern Suhum CDVTI
481 Eastern St. Mary’s Vocational Training Institute – Eastern
482 Eastern Technology Solution Center, Asamankese
483 Eastern Technology Solution Center, Somanya
484 Eastern Social Welfare Vocational Training Centre
485 Greater Accra New Century Career Training Institute
486 Greater Accra OICG Accra Centre
487 Greater Accra Pilot Training Institute-Kokomlemle
488 Greater Accra Kanda Career Training Institute
489 Greater Accra Growth ICCES
490 Greater Accra Ngleshie Amanfro ICCES
491 Greater Accra Madina CDVTI
492 Greater Accra Afienya  YLSTI
493 Greater Accra Prampram CDVTI
494 Greater Accra South Labone Girls Vocational Training Centre – Osu – Accra
495 Greater Accra Agomeda ICCES
496 Greater Accra Dodowa ICCES
497 Greater Accra Tema Industrial Mission
498 Greater Accra GRATIS Foundation- Gt Accra Region
499 Greater Accra Construction Machinery Mechanic Training Institute
500 North East Nalerigu YLSTI
501 Northern Zugu Dabogni CDVTI
502 Northern Technology Solution Center, Savelugu
503 Northern St. Mary’s Vocational Training Institute
504 Northern Tamale Vocational Training Institute
505 Northern GRATIS Foundation- Northern Region
506 Northern Tamale CDVTI
507 Northern Kofi Annan Vocational Training Institute
508 Oti Kete Krachi CDVTI
509 Oti St Theresa’s Vocational Training Institute
510 Oti Technology Solution Center, Krachi
511 Savannah Technology Solution Center, Bole
512 Savannah Technology Solution Center, Salaga
513 Savannah Technology Solution Center, Damango
514 Upper East Bawku Vocational Training Institute
515 Upper East Kusanaba Vocational Institute
516 Upper East Bolga CDVTI
517 Upper East GRATIS Foundation- Upper East Region
518 Upper East Bongo CDVTI
519 Upper East Sandema YLSTI
520 Upper East Technology Solution Center, Garu
521 Upper East Technology Solution Center, Navrongo
522 Upper East Navrongo CDVTI
523 Upper East Namalteng Integrated Vocational Training InstituteI
524 Upper West Issa YLSTI
525 Upper West Technology Solution Center, Nadowli
526 Upper West St Anne’s Vocational Training Institute
527 Upper West St. Clare’s Vocational Training Institute
528 Upper West GRATIS Foundation- Upper West Region
529 Upper West Wa CDVTI
530 Volta Avenorpeme YLSTI
531 Volta Ave-Afiadenyingba
532 Volta Technology Solution Center, Adidome
533 Volta Ho CDTVI
534 Volta GRATIS Foundation- Volta Region
535 Volta Social Welfare Vocational Training Centre
536 Volta Technology Solution Center, Hohoe
537 Volta Caring Sisters Vocational Training Institute
538 Volta Atorkor Vocational Training Institute
539 Volta Adidome Farm Institute
540 Volta Toh-Kpalime Vocational Training Institute
541 Western Technology Solution Center, Asankragwa
542 Western Nzema Maale YLSTI
543 Western Takoradi CDVTI
544 Western Charlotte Dolphyne Vocational Training Institute
545 Western Technology Solution Center, Half Assini
546 Western Axim CDVTI
547 Western Takoradi Vocational Training Institute
548 Western “OICG
Sek-Takoradi Centre
549 Western GRATIS Foundation-Western Region
550 Western Social Welfare Vocational /Rehabilitation Training Centre
551 Western Shama ICCES
552 Western Manso-Amenfi Vocational Training Institute
553 Western Tarkwa CDVTI
554 Western Abura YLSTI
555 Western North Technology Solution Center, Bibiani

You can see the full list of Category A Schools by clicking here. If you need that of All Category B Schools in Ghana, you can click here. Happy reading, folks.

Amenorhu kwaku
Amenorhu Kwaku

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