Casper IPO: Surprising, unusual takeaways from mattress company’s S-1


  • Mattress startup Casper filed to go public last week.
  • Its IPO paperwork contained a few surprising takeaways about how Casper views its business and the sleep market in general.
  • For example, the company hinted that it may invest in other categories like medical devices or pajamas.
  • It also lists social media influencers as a risk factor to its business.
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Buzzy online mattress startup Casper has officially filed to go public — but its IPO filing contains a few surprises.

Last week, the company publicly filed its S-1 paperwork with the US Securities and Exchange Commission ahead of a planned listing on the New York Stock Exchange. As is customary, the filing included a variety of information, including the health of Casper’s business and factors it perceives as being a risk to the company.

But the filing contained some eccentric and unusual nuggets of information, like the fact that Casper lists Instagram influencers as a risk factor or that the company could develop its own sleep apnea machine.

Here are some of the most surprising takeaways from Casper’s IPO paperwork.

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