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A group of local businesses is marking New Year’s Day by giving a helping hand to the children of a peacekeeping activist that was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting last July.

Stoudemire, 35, and Chantel Grant, 26, were volunteering for Mothers Against
Senseless Killings when they were gunned down on the Englewood block they were
trying to keep safe.

Andrea Stoudemire, 35, and Chantel Grant, 26, were killed in a drive-by shooting in July. The women were volunteering for Mothers Against Senseless Killings and trying to keep an Englewood block safe when they were killed.

moms donated their lives to basically standing up for gun violence, and they
lost it due to gun violence,” said Early Walker, owner of W&W Towing,

Walker surprised the children of Stoudemire and Grant with Christmas gifts last week, but he said he learned Stoudemire’s kids didn’t have a home to open the presents.

Johnson, 21, who is helping to care for her two younger brothers, 15-year-old
Micheal and 11-year-old Pierre, said the family has been bouncing around
staying with close relatives since their mom passed.

“It’s been
rough going from place to place,” Johnson said.

On New Year’s Day, Walker, along with Spencer Leak Jr. of Leak and Sons Funeral Homes and Pamela Blackmon of Joy Management Inc., surprised the three siblings with a newly renovated, 3-bedroom home and a car. The business owners are covering rent on the home for one year.

“I can’t
even find the words because I’m so excited,” Johnson said. “I was not expecting

business owners said it was the least they could do to honor their mother’s

“I’m thankful
I’m able to do this, that God has given my family, myself and Early the
resources to do this,” said Leak Jr.


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