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Business picking up in Pottstown in 2020 | Southeastern Pennsylvania


POTTSTOWN, Pa. – It was a banner year for Pottstown in 2019. Booming business opened doors to several new opportunities for developers, investors and small businesses.

“People that have been here for quite a few years now and have just been waiting. I’ve been saying that it’s going to happen and guess what? It’s happening,” executive director of Pottstown Area Industrial Development Peggy Lee-Clarke said.

Within walking distance on High Street alone, you could grab a bite at the Blue Elephant, formerly home to a bank, then relax with friends at the Alley, a beer garden complete with games and live music. It’s created enough window dressing to attract fresh faces.

“All of these restaurants, food, entertainment spaces are where people are really able to come and enjoy the downtown,” Lee-Clarke said.

For years, High Street in Pottstown wasn’t at the top of the list of places to go for families but after this year, a lot has changed.

“Every day something changes, I feel,” Kiki Vodka Bar manager Larissa Leaper said.

Leaper says everyone’s become more neighborly. It’s helped business at Kiki and makes work more enjoyable.

“Altogether, I think it’s just going to be higher volume and more progression,” Leaper said looking ahead at 2020.

The same sentiment is shared by the owners at J.J. Ratigan Brewing Company, where the roots in Pottstown run deep.

“Nothing’s going to stop us from here on out,” head brewer Randy Young said. “Pottstown’s going to shine in 2020.”

“You’re going to see people that want to come into town and really be a part of what’s been a great change. Stay tuned,” Lee-Clarke said.


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