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Area fitness centers see increase in memberships on New Year’s Day


WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — The first day of a new year means it’s time to tackle your list of New Year’s resolutions.

A common resolution is starting a routine to get healthy and back into shape. Starting a new routine can be easy at first, but maintaining it can be the tough part as the year progresses.

“It’s 2020, there’s not a better reason than right now to get yourself in the shape that you want to be in,” YMCA member Daniel Johnson said. “It’s a great opportunity to get yourself healthy, get yourself in shape, and really motivate yourself for the new year coming.”

As of Wednesday evening, the YMCA had around 150 new members between the Weston and Wausau location.

“I think people are already thinking along the lines of what can I do better and different for myself in the new year, and why not invest in yourself,” said Carrie Hutton, Woodson YMCA Director of Communications. “What might I change for the next year ahead, what can I do to focus on myself. Health and wellness tends to be that focus for a lot of people.”

Sometimes finding the motivation to get fit is hard to find, but it’s time to invest in yourself and not let anything or anyone stop you.

“I feel like you can start resolutions whenever you want,” YMCA member Lydia Schult said. “You don’t have to have an excuse to start fresh.”

“Push yourself, even if it takes listening to music or something,” YMCA member Alonzo Wilson said. “Or bring a friend that might motivate you to give you that confidence.”

“The key is to just find that one thing that you do enjoy,” Hutton said. “That you get enjoyment out of and you leave here feeling stronger, better, and healthier.”

Several gyms in the area are offering discounted memberships. The Woodson YMCA in Wausau is also offering “pay the date” through January 7. If it’s January 2, you only pay $2. If it’s January 3, you only pay $3 and so forth.

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