Alex Okyere: Leading MultiChoice Ghana to the next level

Alex Okyere

Still waters they say run deep, and that’s more than an apt description of the Managing Director of MultiChoice Ghana, Mr. Alex Okyere.

On first meeting him, he comes across as an easygoing friendly guy, who you would just love to hang out with. But have a conversation with him, and you will discover an incredibly deep man, with a depth of knowledge and a desire to bring equality and inclusion in the world.

Alex Okyere has been the man at the helm of affairs at MultiChoice Ghana from 1 June 2021, with a task to further grow the business; taking it to the next level. From all indications, things are moving along very well, even in the face of the economic difficulties Ghana is currently facing.

He oversees some 400-plus staff at Multichoice Ghana; a company that has made a major impact on the media and communication industry in Ghana for close to 30 years. However, Alex is not daunted by that task, instead ready to get down to the trenches and makes sure he leaves an imprint.

That is not surprising considering the vast experience he has garnered over the years working with some bigname organizations.

With a background in Accounting, Alex’s career started with accounting firm Ernst & Young, considered as one of the Top 4 firms globally, taking him through PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC); mining firm Newmont, oil companies Schlumberger and Weatherford, and finally to MultiChoice.

While in Level 300 at the University of Ghana Business School, Legon, he had already become a Chartered Accountant having aced his ACCA. With a strong interest in working with PwC, which at the time was considered the best accounting firm, he applied for the company’s Graduate Recruitment program before he completed his first degree.

Ernst & Young came calling and just two months after he left university, he joined. But when PwC got in touch with him three months into his employment with Ernst & Young, telling him he had made the cut for graduate employment, the lure was too strong to resist, and he left to work there.

He spent about three years at PwC before he moved on to Newmont. “Normally when you work in a Big 4 firm, you have two choices with your career path; you either stay to become a Partner or you move into the industry after gaining valuable experience from the Bid 4 firm.

“And that is a big decision which you need to get right so in my third year with PwC, I got an offer from Newmont. The Regional Financial Controller then spoke to me personally at the time. They were looking for a certain skill set which was scarce. At that time, the USA had passed a law known as the Sarbanes–Oxley Act, 2002 that brought certain requirements in terms of internal controls for companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, so all their subsidiaries had to comply.

Fortunately, during my time with PwC, I had been auditing such companies, so I got exposure to the Act and unfortunately, those who had done it at the time were few so although I had just about three years experience and the role, which was a managerial one, required about 7 years experience, I got the job,” he disclosed.

Alex describes the experience at Newmont as a good one, with his then-boss, Walter Richards, becoming a mentor to him; buying him books, encouraging him, and just making sure that he did not regret his stay with the company.

His boss eventually had to leave for another role and just around that time, Alex got a call that gave him another opportunity.

Till today, I still don’t know how the person got my number, but I got a call from London about a role in Schlumberger in Nigeria and the person inquired if I wanted to take it. And of course, I said yes.”

At the time the offer came, he had just been married for a few years with a very young family, there were concerns from his family about his safety considering some of the things they had heard about Nigeria.

However, there was no way he was going to refuse such a big offer, especially when he was going to be an expatriate; the opportunities were endless.

“I think that was also a major turning point; going to Nigeria was heavenly. I didn’t witness all the bad things they were saying about Lagos, I got a lot of experience, and it was great. It turned out to be as Sampson said in Judges 14:14 – Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet.

While working in Nigeria, he got another offer to work with another oil firm Weatherford where he oversaw West Africa including Ghana.

MultiChoice Journey

As there is no place like home, Alex started to get homesick, wanting to return to Ghana, and MultiChoice offered him the perfect chance to do so.

He returned to Ghana in 2017 and at the time MultiChoice was looking for a Regional Finance Director with the office based in Accra. After restructuring, the office was moved to Nairobi in Kenya, and he relocated with his family in 2018.

While in Kenya, there was another opportunity to return to Ghana in the Managing Director role and he took it last year.While it was out of his comfort zone, just like in everything, Alex put a positive spin on it, motivating himself that once he had done great in finance, he could succeed in this role too.

The biggest challenge for Alex coming into the role was how to fix the operational issues the company was facing at the time. “When I first took on the role, I was made to understand that the biggest problem was sales and GOtv. Sales go with marketing, so I needed to give it attention, and there were some people issues as well.

“When I came in, I spent 80 per cent of my time on sales; I had sleepless nights because even when I was sleeping, I would be thinking about the problem. Sometimes I had to come to the office at 4 am, I was always the first person to get to the office because I had to do presentations to my bosses in Dubai.

The first few months, I spent a lot of time on sales, work shopping, and finding out what was wrong and what we could do better. Related to this was Marketing because if you don’t have proper marketing communication, you can’t excel.

So, the sales operation needed to be fixed but also marketing. We did some people changes, we changed incentives, re-demarcated the sales regions with scientific data backing the demarcations among other measures and I think we’ve come far,” he revealed.

Today, all those changes are paying off and for Alex that’s a high point for him. Our sales and marketing efforts are paying off and feed into our subscriber numbers, the business has grown significantly recording the biggest ever monthly growth in the history of the business in August 2022 with an all-time highest subscriber number in Oct 2022” he stated.

Humble Beginnings

Alex Okyere describes himself as a man from humble beginnings; one who has seen quite a lot in life and trying to build something for himself.

He was born in Asamankese in the Eastern Region to a farmer father and a trader mother. He had his basic education at Asamankese where his love for Accounting was nurtured by his Junior Secondary School headmaster.

Back then, I was among the best students in my school, coming first several times. And I had a headmaster who noticed I was good with business maths and encouraged me to study accounting.

“At the time, I didn’t even know what Accounting was, but it seemed interesting to me. So, when we were choosing courses for secondary school, I chose Business and nothing else,” he disclosed.

Having spent a lot of time with his aunt and older sisters in Kumasi, Alex chose Prempeh College for his secondary school but did not get admission. He, however, got into Kumasi High School where, with his aggregate 6, he was encouraged to pursue Science but insisted on studying Business.

For Alex, that shift to Kumasi High School was a blessing in disguise because the school was the best in business in the region. His first semester results in Accounting (95 out of 100) convinced the school’s authorities to give him a scholarship for the duration of his stay in the school.

Not only that but his love for music was also nurtured there; joining the school choir known as Shalom Singers courtesy of his school father, who was the music director. He understudied the person who played the keyboard and soon, he was perfect at it and was even playing for churches outside the school.

It was also at the school that he met a man who would become his mentor and Spiritual Father; his English teacher, the Reverend Simon Ampofo, who was a pastor at Harvest Chapel, Kumasi, and took him to the church where he played the keyboard, and he also became a member.

To date, Alex consults him when he must take any major decisions concerning his life.

After secondary school, he proceeded to the University of Ghana, Legon where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Administration. There, too, he became a music director of the Chosen Vessels Choir (CVC).

Married with three kids, he has a strong love for football and his favorite teams are Accra Hearts of Oak and Chelsea; He also loves music and travelling.

He is currently a member of the Ghana CEOs Network, the Association of South African businesses in Ghana and the Association of French Businesses in Ghana. He is also a Fellow of both the ACCA and ICA Ghana.

On his long-term vision for MultiChoice Ghana, Alex had this to say: I believe we have the potential to be the biggest within the region we find ourselves. Although Ghana has very strong Free To Air channels, I believe we can crack that and become the biggest in our region. That is something I hope I can do with my team.

On a personal level, Alex has just one dream, to help alleviate poverty in Ghana. “I know it is difficult, but it is something that is dear to my heart, and I hope to be able to make a significant contribution to that,” he concluded.

Amenorhu kwaku
Amenorhu Kwaku

Amenorhu kwaku is an author, internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of SuccessValley, a network community for students and aspiring entrepreneurs