A Guide to the Best Jiu-Jitsu Travel Destinations


Jiu-jitsu is a culturally rich martial art that initially stayed in Japan for generations before branching out worldwide. However, due to its popularity and diversity in recreation, it quickly gained many foreign followers. Moreover, Jiu-jitsu concentrated places are quickly becoming travel destinations for fitness enthusiasts and fans of the sport.

Surprisingly, most people would say that these are the last locations you’d expect Jiu-jitsu to thrive. Yet, the destinations listed below have some of the fastest-growing Jiu-jitsu communities today. More importantly, learning its history is a process that includes many life-changing lessons. Today, we will be citing—some of the best Jiu-jitsu travel destinations for you and your family.

Tokyo, Japan – The Ancestral Home

It’s a no-brainer that Japan is the first place you should visit when you start taking Jiu-jitsu more seriously. Simultaneously, Japan is the only place that can offer you the best traditional experience in training. Some of the best practitioners have visited Jiu-jitsu’s birthplace and came back changed individuals.

Of course, visiting Japan isn’t as easy as googling “Which facility offers the best jiu jitsu near me.” However, when you manage to find the time and resources to plan a trip, you won’t be disappointed. Furthermore, training in Japan leans more towards shorter people as Asians are generally small in stature. And so, beginners who want to practice good rolling techniques will find themselves at home.

Los Angeles, USA – World Championships

California state takes pride in being one of the most well-equipped areas when it comes to fitness. Moreover, Los Angeles has top-of-the-line facilities that can cater to your every need. Conversely, the reputation of being the host of the World Championships is the last attraction people hear about LA. Afterward, you can even find great yoga classes to supplement your intense Jiu-jitsu sessions.

The best part about being in LA? The place offers well-equipped facilities for both adult and best martial arts for kids needs. Additionally, taking time away by visiting the California beaches is a great stress-reliever. However, you shouldn’t get swayed too much by the LA attractions as Jiu-jitsu encourages focus and goal-driven attitudes. Of course, moderation and disconnection from routine habits are a great way to stay motivated.

Phuket, Thailand – Muay Thai Powered Jiu-jitsu

It’s pretty rare to see a sport that goes so well with Jiu-jitsu, but Thailand’s very own Muay Thai fits just right. Moreover, the country is a huge hotpot of various cultures and ideologies surrounding martial arts. And so, tourists from every ethnicity flock to the country to experience diversity. Thailand also boasts a rich history of martial arts, making it an excellent experience for beginners.

Community building in Thailand is also more extensive than in other countries. Tourists were afraid of visiting Asian countries, but general opinion has improved over the years. And as a result, the facilities have improved, giving access to higher quality Jiu-jitsu training for everyone. In Thailand, differences such as “wrestling vs bjj don’t exist.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Modern Day Jiu-jitsu

Of course, Japan will always be the birthplace and traditional origins of Jiu-jitsu. However, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the cornerstone of modern techniques and principles. More importantly, Brazil is considered holy ground in the Jiu-jitsu community. You can only imagine how much influence BJJ has over the entire Jiu-jitsu scene.

Training vacations in Brazil are also quite enjoyable with their beautiful beaches and incredible party scene. However, if you ever plan to visit the country, don’t forget why you came. To conclude, the Brazilian community is a welcoming and diverse society that can help you grow as a student.

London, UK – The Perfect Pitstop

The Jiu-jitsu community in the United Kingdom is thriving, and the population only grows by the day. More importantly, London is closer to European destinations than its USA counterparts, making it a great pitstop along the way. It would be an understatement to refute that London is now an excellent Jiu-jitsu destination for enthusiasts.

The only downside to visiting London as a Jiu-jitsu destination is the horrendous weather throughout the year. Furthermore, instructors in the area can’t encourage nature-enriched lessons for beginners due to the rain. However, it shouldn’t be a problem as training is usually done inside facilities.

Cape Town, South Africa – Jack of All Trades

Cape town offers the same kind of experience that Brazil does but with a few perks. First, the country is much more diverse and offers more martial art approaches. It could be due to the existence of many native combat disciplines rooted in culture. Indeed, you won’t be disappointed in visiting Cape Town for its Jiu-jitsu heritage.


In today’s world, many things pass us by without our notice. However, the time to pursue our Jiu-jitsu dreams is now more apparent. More importantly, the pandemic situation has led to many physical limitations in human beings. Thus, physical exercise and fitness need to be one of our top priorities moving forward.

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