2021: A Year Of Opportunity For The Logistics Industry


After such an unpredictable year with another likely to follow, it has been a challenging year for those working in the logistics industry. People have realized just how much they rely on the logistics industry, whether its for their latest online purchase or getting a nation’s vaccine supply distributed. There are many challenges and trends that will happen over this year, with the pressure on the industry not likely to lift in the near future.

Increase in online sales

An observer just needs to look at Amazon’s revenues over the past year to see how the demand for online deliveries has increased. According to Oberlo, 1.8 billion people made orders online worth a total of $2.8 trillion. Projections are showing that this amount is likely to surge to a massive $4.8 trillion for this year. As more businesses are needing to move online than ever before, 2020 seems to have been the springboard that will launch the logistics industry into new challenges and opportunities.

The emergence of green logistics

More consumers than ever before are taking notice of their own impact on the environment, and so they are increasingly looking to source their goods from local or regional businesses. A key part of working in logistics is being agile and quick to adapt, so keeping up with the latest technology and eco-solutions will be critical to mitigating your own companies impact on the environment and gaining new customers. Investment in sustainability will help both businesses and customers help maintain existing relationships going forward. Many examples can already be found, and many more are likely to be developed further as countries around the world are trying to cut their emissions.

The benefits of outsourcing

When scaling up a business, it is normally because of an increase in demand. Having more customers buying goods is a plus, but it can present more obstacles when customers start making orders from other countries. People can be forgiven for not knowing the procedures behind all the methods international shipping entails, and this is where a third party can become especially useful. Transporting goods via air, sea, or land all involve different processes that are not always straightforward. When a third party knows the industry well, they can solve or avoid problems that you would have otherwise come across and means the business does not have to take time to find and hire specialized staff. Companies such as are able to provide you with the logistical expertise needed to keep growing your business efficiently.

With growth comes opportunities, and 2021 will certainly provide both in the coming months for the logistic industry. With many people relying ever more heavily on the industry, the search for more innovative and sustainable methods will no doubt bear fruit for those at the forefront of change. Meeting the needs will require solutions, whether it is increasing sustainability, improving existing processes, or forming new business partnerships.