2020 brings nationwide changes in technology


A Verizon 4G flip phone photo: WTVC

As fireworks filled the sky to celebrate a new year, many across the country will have to adapt to recent and upcoming changes in the world of technology.

Verizon customers like Terry Johnson had to get a new 4G phone following the nationwide change from the company to discontinue all 2G and 3G devices after January 1st, 2020.

“I hated it cause I liked that phone it was doing fine I didn’t have no problems with it.”

A full release from Verizon detailing the changes can be found HERE.

Another technology giant is making a major change in their software. Microsoft announced that on January 14th, Windows 7 will come to an end.

Microsoft is trying to push customers to Windows 10 for security upgrades and performance improvements. However, if you like Windows 7 and want to continue to use it you still can, but will be without tech support and updates after the 14th.

For a full release from the company detailing those changes you can click HERE.

Today we spoke with Susan Field who develops software for businesses at SurfN Developments, who says in March 2020 your web browsers will update automatically to improve security.

That’s the reason Field believes these changes are being made… for improved security.

“We don’t want to be in a position as a country where our infrastructure is really vulnerable so that’s a major reason these changes are coming in.”

Depend on us to keep you informed with all future technology changes that might affect you.

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